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Screaming at the Darkness

It is funny how you can be someone’s rock when they are down and needy. You lend an ear to their problems and their woes to bring them comfort. As soon as you show them how you feel they can't handle it and hang up on you. Not once but 3 times. What does that mean to you? I know what it means to me for it is self-evident. I can be a shoulder to cry on but as I feel it as well I comfort myself for gone are my shoulders to rely.

What are friends?
Do you know? I think I do now. The greatest thing is to know for what you don't know, you just don't know.

Screaming at the Darkness
Written by Wilfred Charles Mellers, Friday, May 22,2009

Gone now the blue bird of happiness
Drowning now fills my world with sadness
Crazy thoughts fill my brain
Void now the blue skies to feel the pain

Four walls comforts me not
Loneliness is all I’ve got
The silence rain monsoons and hurricanes
Lost the soldier from migraines

Love fought the foolish campaign
Petrol filled with no octane
Try and try renders the same results
Screaming from far into the shadows insults

Wondering aimlessly in the dark
Striking flint that won’t spark
Feeling my way for I lost my eyesight
Here comes the rain for lack of foresight

Submerged in tears not of my making
Old are my bones arthritic and acing
Left with nothing more than memories
No happy endings to romantic comedies

Sadness walks quietly shadows hand in hand
Flavors once so sweet now taste bland
Heartache in my doorway stands
Celibacy was never considered as part of the plans

Desperately trying to hold back the flood of pain
Drenched and batter soaked through from the rain
Perspective lost for this is totally insane
Wondered and got lost down lover’s lane

Waiting silently in darken places
Avoidance from all public spaces
Sounded the horns of retreat
Discomfort swollen trench are now my feet

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