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Tim Tebow Powem = God's Love


Like an eagle that stirs its tree top nest
And hovers over its young to shield and defend
God’s wings protect and preserve our need
For His love as our Farther, Master and Friend.

When ongoing problems require us to see them through
That’s when Christians rely on faith not despair.
Simply passing time with a negative frame of mind
Never teaches to be loving, understanding or aware.

Every character in God’s Bible but Satan
Triumphed by God’s love, faith and prayer.
When we heed to the will of God our Master
We sanctify our existence beyond compare.


Every problem has its own set of evils
Which test our purpose, honor and resolve.
When we seek God and rely on faith
It’s amazing the problems we solve.

Satan himself is eager to mislead and advise
To shame our purpose, faith and glory.
We must learn which voice is truly Devine
And which will corrupt, punish and destroy.

All God’s heroes were put to the test
To see who would serve and abide.
By the power of faith we can prevail
As we struggle to overcome and provide.


Christians gather to express their love for God
As they sing songs of His greatness and pray.
They listen to teachers explain the Bible
And why its stories still relate today.

They take communion to rejoice and remember
Jesus who died and shall rise once more.
They reflect on God and all His blessings
As they stay committed to transform from before.

The Bible is the inspired word of God
That teaches forgiveness of sin and unjust behavior.
All shall remain apart from God and His grace
Till they repent, confess and trust their Savor.


None of us are perfect and know everything
We must love God with all our heart, soul and mind.
We must love our neighbor as we love our self
And to the less fortunate remain generous and kind.

Every impression requires an expression
As we share God’s will for our life.
We must express our need, servitude and love
“For God”, to strangers, friends, family and wife.

As followers of Christ we serve the world
Staying committed to disciple the lost.
Our Lord loves all who preach His praise
Broadcasting their passion regardless of cost.

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