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Dr. Charles Stanley Poem = Faith, Accountability And Love

Allow us to disciple whomever we can
So they may impact the hearts and minds of others.
Bless us with stories which inspire dedication
To bolster the faith of our sisters and brothers.

We don’t have to be a pastor or priest, just Christian
To be chosen, “Mailman For The Lord.”
He gives us verse which elevates and renews
Our tribute for blessings we could never afford.

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Tom Zart said on 17 September 2017:
The White House Washington

Tom Zart’s Poems
March 16, 2007
Ms. Lillian Cauldwell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Passionate Internet Voices Radio
Ann Arbor Michigan

Dear Lillian:
Number 41 passed on the CDs from Tom Zart. Thank you for thinking of me. I am thankful for your efforts to honor our brave military personnel and their families. America owes these courageous men and women a debt of gratitude, and I am honored to be the commander in chief of the greatest force for freedom in the history of the world.

Best Wishes.
George W. Bush

United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.
Poet Investigated For Sending Package
Topeka Capital-Journal March 5,2,000

By Scott Greenberg
LENEXA - Maybe someone took that passage about 'the rocket's red glare' a bit too seriously.
But all Tom Zart really w N.Y., to inspire the
cadets. He very well may wind up inspiring them, but he had officials there scared for a bit.
The school received a 'suspicious-looking package' last month that had the words 'enclosed poems' written on it.
'It felt like something moving inside, a lump. It wasn't packed very well, ' said Maj. Jim Whaley, the academy's chief of public information.
At 2 p.m. on Feb.15, about 100 cadets, staff and faculty members were evacuated for nearly two hours from one wing of Washington Hall, a building that houses the cadet mess hall, classrooms and the office of the commandant of cadets.
Capt. Christopher Garrett, secretary general staff of the United States Corps of Cadets, 'was contacted by an unknown person who explained he was a poet, ' Whaley said. 'He was a very Southern- speaking man who said he would like to send some poetry to the commandant to inspire the cadets.'
Garrett was told he would receive an 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch envelope, but the package Garrett sent was much larger and weighed more than five pounds. The caller never identified himself, according to Whaley.
As Zart,55, tells it, the misunderstanding came about because of a simple slip of memory.
'I had permission from Captain Garrett to send in my book of poems and CD, ' Zart said. 'I sent it in a priority mail box, and when it got there Garrett forgot about giving me permission to send it. It just scared the hell out of them.'
The package contained his recital book of 154 poems, which weighed four pounds. Two CDs were included, as well as 10 copies of each of his 13 war poems with accompanying artwork.
Zart, who has been writing military-themed poetry for 30 years, remained calm when Lenexa detectives visited his home to investigate. He invited them inside and played voice messages he had received from the offices of Texas Gov. George W. Bush, former President George Bush and Sen. John McCain, all of who had received Zart's book of poetry, LOVE WAR & MORE and his compact disc, 'Memories.'
Persuaded that Zart wasn't an aspiring Unabomber, the detectives left.

Scott R. Greenberg
Topeka Capital-Journal March 5,2000


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