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Call Me Ismael-Won't You?

Michael-he goes by many names--
He hovers undercover-'round--
Univited and a bit excited sometimes...
He's like a Steve Winwood song;

Call me Ismael won't you?
I'll deliver your truth to the 'Man'
Law Enforcement knows of you...
Been aware since hearing of your band;

So ya think that you can keep on deliverin'?
Passing your poison vapor 'round?
You are only fooling yourself ya know...Moby Dick
Tip-toeing trying not to make a single sound;

But you've been heard oh attic dweller...
And its not all greek you see...
Exposed from your head to your toes...
And soon under arrest for illegal entry;

Do ya get thirsty while spyin'?
Searchin' for an Oasis that will end your dry?
Michael you go by so many aka's its funny...
You're a Cook that is a lousy spy! ;

Just a scammer and a hired thug with an accent-
Who'd sell his soul outta dollars need--
A user and abuser-i've seen the note--
Who's energy is ignited by greed-;

Just an opportunist lookin' for a target--
Just a lyin' cheat of a man?
Just a 'mind masquerade' blowin' in the wind--
Subliminal use of your need to can;

Cuz it aint workin' honey...
Even though you hoped that it might--
Hey i'm broke and it aint no joke....
Trust me-the grass is greener outta my sight! ;


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