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Cosmic Talile Ali

here goes.
ever since i discovered
that all that we were was living an illusion,
i have wanted to know the where and why of it.

thru investigation,
i have discovered a great deal, all of which
seems to confirm the illusion and
the reasons why we need to perpetuate it.

there are a lot of things going on in our
perpetuating this illusion
of the lives that
we have ourselves to commit

we are social animals.
being so, we need to address
the two major drives we all have
to exist

we have want and needs.
in order to want to survive.
we have wants and needs
in order to want to live

These two drives
Created this illusion
of our lives
And how we perceive ourselves within it

we have defined ourselves as being divine
different from other animals.
this is the beginning of our
delusion, being humans.

we needed to define ourselves as a distinctive being
in order to want to go far
are we the only animal who have illusions
about who and what they are?

all living things need to believe in
who and what they are as art
if thing's do not have a motive to exist,
they ceases to be real in their heart's.


in our situation,
we have created this fantical mythos
so grand that it allowed us
to live long in such ghost's.

In the instance of the other species,
their mythos is exactly what it needs to be
in order for them to perform
the functions we so desperately need

thats right,
we need all things
to want to survive
in order for us to want to be alive.

that is the power of faith
in all living things.
from the tiniest atom to the grandest of universes,
there is this purpose to be well.

to be well.
it is in our desire
to be well
that all things may flow.

from plants to human
to atoms to microbes,
being well is the function
we all know.

but since all things have
something known as free choice,
we have consequences that are so cold and true
disaster is often the result of listening to those voices

we chose to put caustic materials
in or bodies for consumption at times
the result is we end up diseased up
from trying to metabolize things we can't even describe

If this is true for us known beings and all that we know
is it also true for the cosmos which also ebbs and flows?

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