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Hello Puppit Lady

Dedicated to Jim Atkins 1936-2008

"Hello PuppIt Lady, though they never knew you at all,
You told your Krendoll stories while toddlers at Barnes & Noble crawled.
You walked out on to the Improv Stage they whispered into your brain
Hemp named you PuppIt Lady, but Razel puppit got in the way.
And it seems you lived your life like UniCandle unicorn's flame in the wind
never knowing who to cling to when Razel's ice spell set in.
Puppit Lady fame was tough
The toughest role you ever played
with comics scrutinizing everything you said.
But Lake Worth created a Superstar
just ask me your good friend Jim sitting at Ray's bar.
and I'm so glad I have known you but you were always far and away
your candles still burn brightly by UniCandle unicorn's magical flame.
Hello PuppIt Lady your more than our PuppIt Lady,
and your much more than Razel, and your doll Melodie Mezoree'.
Hello PuppIt Lady and it seems to me you lived your life like a puppet with no strings
with no parachute to catch you when the Rum Shack stage fell in.
Hello Puppit Lady from the old man in the 3rd row
Thank you for the memories At Ray's,
South Shores and Rumshack comedy show.
I am glad to have known you…
But you were always far and away-
Your candles will always burn brightly
because will still have Razel and Melodie Mezoree'."

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Suzae Chevalier said on 26 November 2020:
No more Razel and Melodie who was cartoon characters inspired by my now highly anointed defelected fallen angel named Crow who was my familar spirit for a very long time. He is now in a safe spot, thank YOU JESUS for dying for all of humanity and I bless YOU to eternity and giving me this opportunity as a human on Your earth to do a very highly anointed deliverance to restore a part of YOUR highly anointed kingdom that fell back to restoration with YOUR SPIRITUAL KINGDOM and a human being. This was a very miraculous point in time! Thank YOU JESUS for everything and YOUR Faithful Very Highly Anointed HOLY SPIRIT, YOUR Highly Anointed Holy Warrior Angel Prince Michael and all Highly Anointed Warriors Angels under him, Highly Anointed Holy Messenger Angel Prince Gabriel and all Highly Anointed Holy Messenger's Angels underneath, Highly Anointed Guardian Angel in my soul with a red suit of armor and Defected Highly Anointed Fallen Angel Crow now turned good!!! Thank YOU ALL!!!
Suzae Chevalier said on 31 December 2020:
I only answer to God for God judges the world and what people say in commnents in blogs on the internet, on texts, on phones etc. Everything you say, write and do is recorded in the Book of Life and the Book of Death and you will be accountable one day to God Almighty. Pray that you ask for forgiveness from what bad you say, write etc. on the internet or you will have to pay in the pit of hell when you die.


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