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The Broken Heart

Can i ever forget that you ever existed in my heart,
Knowing the pain it caused me deep down my heart.
Each time i think of how it all got to this very point,
Only helps to send shock waves down my spines and joints.
It seems the joy you brought to my life,
Was cut short before it even began with a knife.
It seems you lasted just for few days,
While deep down my heart i long for you everyday.
Wishing and hoping we can go back to the day i found you,
When the whole of my life changed to brand new.
Bringing to me the happiness i never once felt before,
And an ebullient love i once hoped for.
You gave me hope for a better tomorrow,
By erasing all of my unending sorrows.
You gave me a great sense of humour,
Each time there is a scene of a tumour.
You made my life as sweet as it can be,
Even when there are things that can sting me like a bee.
How can i forget that amazing smile of yours,
That kept me dazzling beyond many hours.
How about the joy you gave me knowing that you are my best friend,
Went a long way to bring all my fears to an end.
And then every thing fell apart,
The very moment you left by breaking my heart.
First you made every thing seems like an horrible nightmare,
And brought to me an emotional darkness in an hare.
You turned every Grimes of happiness to pain,
And every traces of love to lain.
Making my eyes abated with tears,
More than what my heart can bear.
Pain of a broken heart is all i can feel,
And the aching of a bleeding knee.
All i have now is an empty and shattered heart,
That needs a taste of a rebirth.
It all happened very fast,
And now i'll try to put every thing in the past.
And keep hoping for a better future,
Without the glance of your picture.
All i know is that no matter the way it may seem,
You'll forever in my heart remain evergreen.

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