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Ashlar: If a miss was as good as a mile
Surely I'd be lost in the Nile
Because here I am living in denial
Depths so deep I'd swear I lie below a pile
This file and those burdens are all but a history that hides my smile

Cassandra: If you took time to turn you would see what you miss
For a clear sky and a little rain bring a rainbow of bliss.
Only problem is that you are busy living in a rainy day's bloomer.
You never took a moment to try, held back by words of fear whispered in a hiss
If life was a fairytale I would say you are looking for peace, a spell broken only by true love's kiss
But in the clock's last tick, you took a moment for that to dismiss

Ashlar: I never thought I'd be here because to me it's just another a modern day misconception
But if this is everyone's reality, where is my ideality? ?
On the outside I'm a king looking for a queen because concubines failed to satisfy
An empty vessel on the inside, yearning for repletion.
How my eyes long to gaze upon the adornment of true beauty for it may return my joviality
Fair lady how you believe in true love I know not but if there be a moment in time, spare me a story.

Cassandra: I took two breaths and smelt the roses,
I took three steps to bequeath the thorns of my past
I might have been hurt a couple of times but gold was never mined in a single delve
If it rains not today, it doesn't mean we should quit hoping
For as long as the seasons keep changing, in love I'll keep believing.

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