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A New Experience

wanting to do something
they've never done before
he picks her up one morning
so that they may explore

riding beside him
butterflies in her tummy
nervous about this day
she starts to feel funny

the look on her face
making him nervous as well
what has he done?
what if this day is shot to hell?

pulling over along the road
they have to have a plan
they have no course of action
he now ha to be a man

movies and meal
they conclude
how bad can it be?
now just to set a mood

off they go
but what to see?
cartoons is all there is
she likes it, so he lets her be

in the dark holding hands
sitting silently side by side
she wants a kiss
but can't get over her pride

soon it's done
and they leave
through the hoards
they start to weave

it's time to eat
her stomach is growling
squeezing her hand
he turns to her smiling

a simple kiss
to let her know
he understands and
letting his emotions show

they satisfy their need
but now they've got another
they've already decided
it won't be today, so now it's just a bother

their day is almost over
she's never felt this way before
today his become more than her lover
now she wants more

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