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The Better Gems

What's better than gold?
A heart of gold and a golden rule
Thus donot over the mined thing drool.

What's better than pearls?
Any pearls of wisdom
grant the oyster some freedom

What's better than diamonds?
Supernovas that dazzle like them
So fret not if you cannot
afford the earthly
underground gem

What's better than rubies red?
Carmine roses and rosy lips
I do and maybe you too
already have them

What's better than emerald?
Feline eyes glowing in the dark!
Ah Lord! that fluorescent spark!

What's better than silver?
The hope that every cloud has a silver lining
Even miners they don't enjoy the mining

What's better than amber?
Amber eyes in God's variety of eyeball shades
Ah! those ebony-eyed maidens and maids.

And whether it be
zircon or amethyst
sapphire or lapis lazuli
agate opal or tanzanite
what tis far better
than all these gems put together
is anyone known as a
'gem of a person'
Now it's up to you to go
beyond your flesh and blood
and be a guiding star!

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