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Suicide's Not A Way Out!

When life seems all hopeless
still don't yah loose all scope of hope
for there's this thing dangling in the air
Reach out for God's sturdy rope.

For how sure can you be that
death will take you to a better fate?
What if you are plunged into a plight much worse
where there's no turning back at any rate!

You too haven't been impeccable and above all blame
that you wish for a perfect rosy life
The excuses for suicide are usually so lame
Better enjoy your share even in strife.

Donot friend, plan to commit this act
just to invoke another's pity and regret
The pity and regret will come and go
besides, it soothes no decomposed
and a large slice of life will go waste.

Why rush for the grave, for greater gloom
Suicide's ain't a way out fellow human friend
Pray a godless way not send you unto this doom
You haven't right to bring any life to its end.

And it's probable that all those years
that you now wish to recklessly discard in dust
have something bright ahead, look for a ray of hope
and extinguish it not if in God you trust!

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