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The Art Of Killing

he never for once
imagined that he could kill

the simple thought of killing
makes him puke

he tried once
killing a fruit fly
in a snap
reasoning that it infected
its dessert
that whole night
he could not sleep
for he was
worn with guilt

his brother is a moron
the worst in class
makes most of the fame
by killing
many fruit flies

he is the top of his class
but he laughs at him
short of respect
for his fear of killing

'it is a phobia' his brother says
and just like everything else
runs berserk and
becomes an unreasonable

let me cut this story short
he did not make money
waddled in poverty and
feared the art of killing

helpless n& useless in-himself
his wife
deserted him and his kids
lost that respect
because he will never kill
a fly again

i do not want to make this
story long and

know what?
he killed himself.

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