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Amidst The Noise And The Haste

amidst the noise of people coming and going
passing you by
(they want all the while to stay and have a talk with you
for whatever
but you ignored them as you are busy with other
preoccupying things and events and places and
ideas, you write and keep on writing still in your journal,
the poems on used pages, the vandalism on the walls and
the painted words on the fences
of the house where you live)

you ask, what is this sea of people doing here
around you making all this whirhpools and waves

trying to drown you? or put you in a breathless space?
or pull you down in the oceanfloor of meaninglessness?

you look at them, and you do not find any meaning to their
flow, their movements anywhere, they all seem to have no
specific directions like
dusts and water bubbles only to spread and burst

what then? do you allow yourself to be drowned in their noise
and haste and

look inside you, investigate the available evidence of your heart
find there the magical silence
the wisdom of your past
pick them one by one like colored stones in the beach
put them in a jar
and look carefully the pieces the stones of what you are

you are never like them you are in them but you can never be one
like them
you are unique, and free and always
the center of your own
created universe

be good, be kind and sing sweetly your strong silence
live, live the way you like to live
just be yourself and to moments of haste and noise
close your eyes shut your mouth
and stay peacefully in the home of your heart

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