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Backyard Nukes

The air is dark with ash and smoke,
the cities filled with mutant folk.
The crops grow bent with a bluish tinge,
when an ant is seen the children cringe.

'And what, ' you ask. 'Has happened here,
'to a world once filled with so much cheer? '
The answer, friend, is not so great,
The world is lost to a terrible fate

You see a warning was once ignored
by a little genius who was just too bored.
He built a thing from junkyard parts
then blew it up to make some charts.

He did it again to fill in the rest,
and topped it off with a third nuke test.
Then one last time with no rebukes,
he changed the world with his backyard nukes.

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XRumerTest said on 27 September 2019:
Hello. And Bye.


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