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That One Special Night

this is my day,
don't stand in my way,
nothing getting to me,
i know who i am,
and i know what i want,
don't give me your $#it,
because i'm not taking it,
it's my chance to shine,
so just get behind,
watch as i burt out,
letting people see who i am,
because it's a side,
they were dying to see,
a confident girl,
who going to be all that she can,
a sweet girl,
you want to fall in love with,
but, she's just something you can't have,
she knows what shes worth,
so don't cheapen her,
shes here to look her best,
and walk with her head held high,
like an angel just walked by,
because by the end of the night,
you will be thinking,
who's that one lucky guy?

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