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Life moves on, but the pain remains

the ppl we miss the most,
are the ppl God has taken,
it hurts like hell,
like a dagger through the heart,
but nothing can be done,

we shed the tears,
of our love ones that has passed,
life is not perfect,
it keeps moving on,
time surpose to heal the pain,

but it feels like it never does,
as the time pass around,
it's a reminder,
of what we once had,
it what makes,

day by day,
so hard to stay,
but we must keep pushing on,
through the rain and snow,
the sun will come out,

so we can see another day,
the clouds will clear,
so we can live our life,
the way it's surpose to be lived,
life isn't easy,

but the pain do make us strong,
strong to face our fears,
that stand in our way,
these special ppl will be missed,
but we won't let them fade away,

they touched our lives,
in so many ways,
than we can say,
or even explain,
we were blessed,

to have the time we did,
before they were taken away,
in our memories,
they stay,
and will always remain.

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