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Not Just For Today

Not just for today, not just for tomorrow,
Naught shall erase my heart's deepest sorrow!
Can one not visage inexplicable acts-
Nor the inescapable truth of incontrovertible facts! ?

Pain and disappointment do run deep, indeed;
Regret and shame, in your world, does not exist!
Cut deeply did your actions, though I did not bleed-
My heart as its own keeper, love persists!

Never could you have been more wrong at all-
Nor could you have disgraced yourself more, complete!
Return now, you must, to the time before your fall,
Only then shall your heart be replete!

Never would I have imagined a day more mistaken-
A day I must coffer, so as to keep my heart from again breaking!

Maurice Harris,17 June 2008

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