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ACT: Goodbye

Girl: Goodbye
I always want to say it in front of you
And there would be no more “I love you”
But why though I really meant to
The pain is still haunting my soul

Guy: Goodbye
You don’t know there’s a mystery inside
You are a fool to quickly decide
When you say something you don’t want to
It will affect you most with regret

Girl: Goodbye means leaving
Guy: Goodbye means nothing
Girl: Goodbye means releasing
Guy: Goodbye means waiting

Girl: And will you forget me after
Guy: Or will I love you forever
Girl: And how if I miss you in the lonely night
Guy: I will torture you to see my face

Girl: It’s over!
Guy: Not yet
Girl: Why are you so stubborn?
Guy: Because you make it complicated
Girl: But there’s no future for us
Guy: There’s always a hope

Girl: Goodbye
I will definitely cry
But the tears are not going to show
I don’t ask to be forgiven
Because I’m the one who put this misery

Guy: Goodbye
You can’t beat me with just that
Don’t judge me because I have the power of
Though I let my beloved go
Someday I’ll bring you to my arm again

Girl: Goodbye means separate
Guy: Goodbye means “I’ll be back”
Girl: Goodbye means finishing
Guy: Goodbye means praying

Girl: And will it make you think
Guy: That you are my precious one
Girl: And when I finally disappear
Guy: That’s the time I realize I’m lost

Girl: Just be a good boy!
Guy: Why should I?
Girl: So I can say farewell
Guy: I won’t let it
Girl: You will be hurt by me
Guy: I’ll hurt more if you leave me

Girl: Goodbye
I will act so rude and cold
You deserved so much better
It’s the easier way to be apart from you
Even it’s full of lie, of lie

Guy: Goodbye
How can I live without you?
I don’t care what other’s said
But you are running away from me
Denying your true feeling

Girl: Goodbye means not anymore
Guy: Goodbye means see you later
Girl: Goodbye means sad ending
Guy: Goodbye means new beginning

Girl: And did I say to you to move on?
Guy: Only you I couldn’t go on
Girl: And someway we have another chance
Guy: I promise that you won’t slip from my fingers

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