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Valley Of Love

welcome to the valley of love
where there is love above, and love below
love, everywhere you go.

in this valley you will see, all of GODS creations
and see the truth in his revelations.
you will be taught the love of man for each other
and for all that the LORD has provided.
in the seas, the sky, the earth, and all its worth.

this love will fill every part of your being
this is what you'll be seeing.
your heart will feel like it's about to explode
and even fill your entire soul.

the love in your eyes, will even fill the darkness night
and turn everything into light.
anything and everything that you could imagine
love to be, will become your reality.

there will be no such things as sadness, or hate
just hearts full of faith.

take your partners hand and travel down the road
to this 'valley of love' where birds will sing up above.
and where sea creatures will jump out of the water
all in perfect order.
and the land creatures will run ahead.
to make you a warm comfortable bed.

this valley is not a dream, or just imagination
it is a beautiful desired sensation.
which fills your heart to capacity, and opens your eyes
so that you could see, all that is meant to be.

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