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Holiday Guest

this holiday guest has so many names he uses
and i begin to wonder why.
and yet everyone says
he's one wonderful guy.

he brings presents to most children
and occasionally an adult or two.
and if you ask him why?
he says its something that he must do.

he receives letters from all over the world
thanking him for all he's done.
but! he lets them all know
that he's not the only one.

now! we are adults and parents
and we also were children
a long time ago.
we would jump and dance
and frolic in the snow.

we always had to wait for
this holiday guest to arrive.
but we had to be in bed
before a certain time.

he was a short fat man
with a beard as white as snow
which made his cheeks red
and created such a glow.

he always wore red pajamas
with a red cap to match
and a wide black belt
with a large buckle latch.

he always searched for milk and cookies
to have before he left.
for this was the one thing
that suited his stomach best.

the world has used all his names
but the one he likes the most
is the one that was given to him

now who do you think this
holiday guest can be
for he is always dressed in red.
and you never see him
because you're sent to bed.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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