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What 'Brothers' Do You Talk About?

What 'brothers' do you refer to?
Not the ones you annoyed, destroyed
And chased away?

Not the ones you avoided,
When the 'man' said that was okay?

Not the ones you babied and sent to stay,
Confined behind bars to learn about other crimes...
With chances that 'brother' would someday be gay.

What 'brothers' do you talk about?
That are not worthy of your support or praise.

Those 'brothers' are there and may sit on high horses.
But these 'brothers' you say betray.
Instead of seeing it their way.
With unsuccessful attempts to have them branded,
As weak with even temperments you can control.
And no 'brother' I know will allow that to happen...
Knowing what it is like having that to be done.

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