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That Time Has Been Found

No one will ever be praised,
For being outspoken...
Or giving an honest assessment.
That strips away all pretense.
Not in places,
Where people become embarrassed...
And take offense to them given.
People show their reaction,
By becoming irate and belligerent.

And for whatever the reason,
In these same places...
People will come together,
In planned meetings to discuss...
Their disgust with the downslide,
Of their once valued quality of life.
And will argue amongst themselves,
About no one caring enough to speak up.
Or express their concerns from their gut!

'You and a few others,
Were not at the last community meeting.
And we issued notices to everyone,
Regarding the importance of attending.
Why weren't you there? '

~If I remember correctly,
It was you who told us where we could go.
And what we could kiss before we did it!
And I personally decided,
I can find a better use if I choose to waste my time.
And I am happy to acknowledge,
That time has been found.~

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