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Thank You For The Memories

I 'should' care...
You are limited in awareness?
Yet when I was in despair...
You weren't there at all!

You actually expect me,
In your descend to cushion your fall?
Like you I am a work-in-progress!
Stumbling and learning...
How to stand tall from a crawl!

My heart is not made of steel.
My feelings like yours are very real!
And what goes around comes back around!
This lesson your experiencing now...
For me has no appeal!

But I thank you for the memories,
That helped inspire me...
To see through folks like you with ease!
And have no guilt when from you I leave!

God has given me the kind of strength within...
That satisfies and pleases all of my needs,
Without the use of deceit as a disguise to offend.
As I observe you in nakedness now,
Choosing excuses and ignorance to defend!
Hoping that I will have encouragement to send!

I recommend,
You extend your hand to Him!
There might be a hint of bitterness recalled...
And I may say something to you that offends!

I recommend,
You extend your hand to Him!

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