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Since He Sees and Can Be All Over the Place

I am just inside for the ride.
Accepting that,
I sit back...
And let God drive.

I once tried to get my way behind the wheel.
And repeatedly turned down deadend roads.
Only to behold,
A growing of my own ignorance.
And 'this' I can reveal.

I now sit back and let God drive.
This 'vehicle' I'm in and ride inside,
God knows better than I...
How to steer it clear from temptations,
That attract me.
To sideswipe and undermine my dignity.
God knew it.
He wanted me to go through it.
And that was a hard testing of my pride...
I had to learn!
God in my life is the driver.

Now I let God do what He does!
With less concern.
And since He sees and can be all over the place,
I keep my faith.
Knowing God,
If He so chooses...
Will accelerate or apply the brakes!

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