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If The Truth Be There...Tell It

The strength of America,
Was built on the backbone
Of those of color.
Those who paved the railroads...
Chinese, Mexicans, Indians and Blacks.
And slaved in the fields.
The Irish know that these are facts.
Indentured slaves...
Many of them were.
While the 'others' found ease in comfort!
And doing what they feel.
While they imported relatives...
To begin nepotism deals.
Some with no English spoken at all.
And their ancestors made sure,
They were not the ones to sweat.
While ignorance at a time ran rampant...
To create today's regrets!
And that is the history,
Often not told...
To those who have chosen racism,
As the way to go!
To claim what is and not theirs to share!
If the truth be there...
Tell it!
And not sell deceit,
That defeats...
Lost souls!

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