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I'd Rather Have A Cat For That

You want anyone.
To occupy that void felt inside.
Left in your life.
I feel this to be true.
But there is nothing I can do.
I am not one who spackles cracks.

I'm not trying to create,
A passion for someone awaiting just anyone.
To come along to satisfy a patching of a heart.
Providing another body,
My time and air just to be with me within walls.
As we both sit to stare breathing air to rock in chairs.

I am not.

You and I can go on a thousand dates.
But a mate?
To awaken daily in a nakedness,
In one space developing a routine.
We together on a regular basis face?
To share likes and dislikes in the acquiring,
Of similar tastes?
I'd rather have a cat for that!
And my preference.
Would be a Tabby.

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