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As They Prepare And Await

As they prepare and await to have a confrontation,
Those who have been aware of this...
Have paid them no attention.
None that threatens,
Other motivated intentions.
So they continue to pretend,
Not to notice them.

And since there is a higher consciousness involved,
Those wishing to dissolve their hidden insecurities...
Prove they are clueless,
As to what they should do next...
To further undermine themselves with an undressing,
Of their immaturity and limitations they can not leave.
At least to keep protected from an obviousness.

'What are they doing over there? '

~The obvious.~

'But shouldn't 'they' be aware of it? '

They should.
But apparently not from our point of view.~

'I have an idea.'

~What is it? ~

'Let's pretend with hints we are concerned.'

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