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Why does my Girlfriend smell like my mother?

Its Six a clock now
when I get back Home
Sara is there
and she's all along (I think)
Comes out of the bathroom
with a cream colored robe
Smiles so brazenly
with pink porcelain cheeks
She's my scented enchantress,
my fairytale princess
The lady I adore,
with a million stars to sell her
But why ohhh why

Does she smell like my mother?

Met her at a café,
on an autumn Saturday
Stern and punctual
in a Cashmere prefix
Lips tightly locked,
with a combination key
Made my introduction,
and she was reserved
Colder than winter
but I soon got her warm
Through my gentle compassion,
Which caressed her impassion
We soon got acquainted
And the skies were elated
Closing the textbook, we
Talked until dawn until forced from the salon

When the calendar flew,
the two of us grew
A smile on Monday,
to hands glued on Sunday
Trading keys and Itunes,
and warm embraces in rooms
It seemed we were pages
for each other's biography
Completing the opposites
of a Siamese story

But why does she smell like my mother?

Nothing will make me bend my passion for this girl
Even when the seas break and the levee will flood
I'll stand on the ledge of a tower and fall
Knowing that she'll be there to carry my fall
For love is the greatest chemical imbalance
And I'll never retreat from nightingale wreathed
Not even if she smells a lot like my mother.

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