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A strange object in the sky

People were streaming out onto the streets
all looking nervously upwards at the sky
some were pointing others transfixed
as children cried shouting 'Are we going to die? '
What was this strange spherical object?
all Yellow and shining so bright
was it some kind of alien being?
whatever it was it looked an awesome sight.
It was giving out a strong warm heat
which contrasted to all the usual rain
people were saying they'd seen it before
not here in England but in Portugal and Spain.
Then after a few days the object went away
leaving some people badly burnt and Red
but Astronomers and experts gave the thing a name
it was a Star called the Sun they all said.
So it wasn't a scary Alien threat after all
and some people even longed for it's return
but they said the only bad thing about it was,
it made their bodies hot, skin peel, and face burn!

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