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Shivering leaves and starry sky,
my love has left while here I sigh
with broken heart, and wave good-bye!

Oh breezes, swirl about his head,
Oh Nightingale, sing by his bed
and whisper gently I am dead!

From first night I saw him come,
my soul was his, and, stricken dumb,
laid pride aside as of no sum!

My eyes spoke volumes, I’ll admit,
I clung to him - things shook a bit, -
upon my hair his kiss was writ!

I shook, emotions all awry!
I know no longer how nor why
my lover he became, I sigh!

I knew him not, yet no protest
I uttered, took him to my breast
When in my rooms his love confessed!

I said to him, ‘Thy love I’ll take
while love it stays’- make no mistake,
none else my dreams so deep could slake.

His passion, though, no tardy guest
turned out to be, he left, his quest
led Lord know’s where, - I have not guessed!

I will now separated from my friend,
between the lily-pads descend
let life beneath the ripples end!

With words of willow, water, weeds,
I’ll plight my pain, - each hern that heeds
will know ‘tis I who spreads the reeds.

While waiting, to the breeze I’ll rhyme
his name, and dreaming-bells shall chime
I waited once upon a time!

As if in golden grave-cloth gowned,
untidy tresses spread around
me while I’m water-logged and bound.

Joys cast will cast their light and lie
around my head, harsh Time defy.
Green logs wound round my legs nearby.

A trembling deep within my breast
will make me feel I am caressed
by he who, lost, was loved the best.

Let my last breath, as perfume pressed,
be born upon sweet Spring breeze blest
by love’s soft sighs, then laid to rest -

And like a magic butterfly
drawn to May’s roses, swiftly fly
to kiss my Love’s lips as I die!

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