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It's day.
But it's night.
I'm on the floor.
My body aches.
Not really.
It's my heart that's broken.
And my mind that's split.
Why am I alone? .
Why am I here? .
It's brightly dark.
I feel it.
Can almost grasp it.
The darkness quietly growing inside of me.
The strange one on the corner frightens me.
But I like him.
'Do it', he says.
'Just do it'.
I drink from the floor.
I'm dead thirsty.
It's been a journey.
Where's everyone? .
Where did everyone go? .
Where are my friends? .
Where am I? .
Where is God? .
Hate broods.
Bitterness rages.
Hurt screeeeaaaams!
It hurts.
Everywhere hurts.
It's been a journey.
I remember vaguely.
Love was all I wanted.
And yeah, happiness.
How did I get here.
I feel wet.
Not from the water on the floor but from within.
I stand.
I look down.
My chest's open.
I'm bleeding.
My heart's not beating.
It's bleeding.
I scrrreeeeeeaaaaammm 'heaven save me! '.
I remember.
I've cried out like this before.
No answer.
Here i am, still.
I'm stuck.
The second hand won't move.
I'm breathing.
I'm dead.
My whole life flashes before me.
Oh, the mistakes i've made.
The things I've done.
The failure I've known.
Rain's falling.
A dropp hits me.
I taste it.
It's tears.
My tears.
I've cried a thousand times.
It pours.
I'm soaked.
But numb.
I feel nothing anymore.
I care about nothing.
Life's been unfair.
Life's unfair.
I look.
Can't see.
I hear: 'Do it'.
The strange one waits for me.
I see death.
Hands stretched out he says 'take my hands'.
I look up.
I look down.
Tears and filth.
I sit down.
I take a corner.
I wait.
What am I waiting for?
Why am I sitting?
I should move.
My feet's numb.
My body's like lead.
My arm's around my legs.
My cheek on my knee.
I refuse to do it.
I won't take his hands.
I wait silently.
Maybe one day, this day will pass.
One day just one day He'll remember me.
And that day I'll be saved.
If not?
Let fate be.
Que sera sera.
For what will be will be...

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