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Inevitabilty is my philosophy.

Kushih style.

I drink plum wine for preference.
The Moon my only company
There is no one to take offense.
If I should drink excessively.

My wife's been dead for many years.
But in my dreams she comes to me
and whispers wise words in my ears.
Tells me to show my loyalty.

The Emperors new counsellors
are too afraid to disagree.
They have not learnt the emperor.
Prefers truth to dishonesty.

The Emperor rewarded me
With honourable retirement.
And a small house beside the sea.
Where I reside alone content..

As content as I could be.
Without my wife, far from my friends.
Though they are free to visit me.
The few on whom I can depend.

To take the time to write to me.
I know the distance is too great
For them to visit easily.
Old faithful servants of the state.

Time moves on and we grow old.
The young ones lack experience.
A lack which makes them overbold.
They write to me in confidence.

About the errors which they see.
Young counsellors are prone to make.
Although I lack authority.
I know the actions I must take.

I must write to his majesty.
Humbly request an audience.
For many years he trusted me.
This is no time for hesitance.

I take my brush and carefully.
Select the words I want to use.
The emperor knows my loyalty.
I have no doubt that he will choose.

To recall me immediately
Grant me a private audience.
He does not doubt my honesty.
And knows my long experience.

Will be what has prompted me.
To dare approach the Emperor.
With evidence that needs to be
Examined ex officio

I may be worried needlessly.
I think that he will understand
There is a need for secrecy.
He knows I am his to command.

A loyal servant in the past
He needs to know my loyalty.
Has not changed; remains steadfast.
I fear for his security.

I do not seek to praise or blame.
That is not my prerogative.
I must inform him just the same.
By any means I can contrive.

I see it as my duty to
inform him of what I suspect.
I'm certain he will listen to
My views with some respect..

The emperor commanded me.
To return to court post haste.
Escorted by the cavalry.
He thinks there is no time to waste.

He chose to see me face to face.
An honour which I don't deserve.
A signal mark of his good grace.
He knows I only wish to serve.

He also knows me well enough.
To be certain I will not lie.
I am prepared to face his wroth.
For my attempts to clarify.

Why I think some danger exists.
He is the final arbiter.
It is my duty to insist
That there is something sinister.

Which is well hidden from his eyes.
Deliberately by evil men.
A threat he needs to exorcise.
So he is in control again.

He listened to me air my fears.
Although my evidence is weak.
and takes due note of what he hears.
I am allowed to freely speak.

He thanked me for my loyalty
And said he will investigate
The matter very thoroughly.
He sees no cause to hesitate.

The emperor dismisses me
He decrees I am his guest
Where can ensure my safety
And I agree without protest.

The rumours which I heard proved true.
Some of the guilty men confessed.
Conspiracies are nothing new.
And what they said led to the rest.

The young counsellors were replaced
By older men who he could trust.
Named and shamed they were disgraced.
Sent into exile to adjust.

To life as common labourers.
To earn their crust as best they may.
The mercy shown by Emperors.
Is well designed to change their way,

of life.No longer wealthy men.
They must endure the poverty.
Nor will they get the chance again
to take part in conspiracy.

The emperor was merciful.
they could have all been put to death.
Provide a public spectacle.
Until the rope cut off their breath.

Showing them mercy seemed to be.
The wisest course that he could take.
They were punished suitably.
They had to pay for their mistake.

Sentenced to life instead of death.
A longer lasting punishment.
Until they drew their final breath.
Their banishment was permanent.

Their punishment had set me free.
To regain my peace of mind
In my small house by the sea.
Where peace is never hard to find.

Although few people visit me.
I find that I am quite content
To concentrate on poetry.
Sometimes to my astonishment.

As I become more competent.
I write about the things I see.
Almost as if fate had meant.
Me to study fine poetry.

What fate decrees will come to be.
No man alive escapes his fate.
He will fulfil his destiny.
In ways we can't anticipate.

Some will achieve authority.
Because they are determined to.
Whilst others bow subserviently.
But fate decides what they will do.

Monday,02 April 2012

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