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Through outer gates of carven teak
then inner gates of ivory
The pilgrim ventures who would seek
an answer to the mystery.

The seeker must be clad in white.
Pure in heart and innocent,
his only wish the serve the light.
He must be truly confident.

Ready and willing to accept.
The answer to his question may
not be the one he might expect.
Obscure and nether yea nor nay.

It is his task to interpret
the meaning of the words he hears.
Etched deeply so he can’t forget.
To understand them may take years.

The culmination of his quest,
when finally he understands.
A man can only do his best
the outcome lies in his own hands.

The riddle of the ages solved
no longer hidden by the Gods
To win a man must be resolved
to battle on against the odds.

Pursue his goal determinedly.
Through outer gates of carven teak
and inner gates of ivory.
The answer to each man unique.

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