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Try to live in

I shall try to live in isolation
But not completely cut off or without relation
It is way for attaining self purification
Nice way to adopt and spend some moments for consolation

If we can spare whole of life on struggles
Certainly we can think of little about not inviting troubles
Not keeping totally aloof but to understand it well
And go before the audience for truth to tell

Some of the peace moments heal the mind
Encourage within for something else to find
Solution to grief and ways to guide
What to retain and how much to confide

Some of the dead cells start functioning
Inner doors open with lot more probes and questioning
Pro and cons for reasonable way out
This is what the meditation and healing is about

The answer lies within us and is not beyond reach
We need to go in open for areas to preach
Have to find state of mind to go in for search
The mental satisfaction is definitely arrived as such

How much nature appeal when we are off from crowded place?
Lovely moments to enjoy with no one behind us to chase
Completely cut off from worldly sins to over come the stress
No more worry lines to be reflected and seen on the face

You have unlimited space to venture when find alone
Some of the areas are shut and permanently done with
Mind constantly harp on the things of by gone
Catch something new as lessons are to be pursued upon

I have found it out to be reasonable
You may always be seized with problems even if capable
It may compel you to be slave of some habits
You may have no time or in position to correct it or delete

Have liberty of spending good time in new environment
It may grant you enough of time to make fine movement
You may have good control over the delicate situation
An ability to live in and move ahead without discontinuation

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