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Things are disguised

Everything is possible if things are disguised
Treachery is possible if words are cleverly chosen and promised
It is all possible if we prefer and resort to
As they are essential ingredient of life and very true

We have chosen the path to live in unrealistic world
Customary speeches are applauded and appreciated as bold
Reality has ugly face to show when come on fore
It is, there, accepted now and even that before

We have always followed the path of pessimism
We have limited tolerance power for criticism
This makes us sometime to feel insecure
Certain things we embark upon even if not very sure

Everything is possible here from hatred to distrust
These are indicated as worst enemies and recognized by most
We may speak of toll order but go down with temptation
We try to camouflage the action without any indication

We have one weak defense to offer
We may advocate the alibi of right to differ
We may also claim” to err is human”
Certain excuses are meaningless and always proven

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