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No one realizes

When will some one realize?
There is really big prize
When you reach so near
There won't be left any fear

What if you don’t believe?
To whom you approach for blessings to give?
Who can guide you with divine spirit?
No one if you strictly go by it

What do we build on earth?
Leave it behind after death
What do we carry then alter on?
Where there is nothing to own

Did you see even season’s change?
Sun too change direction with direction and manage
Days become shorter or longer
Still we fail to realize it any longer

Believe it not and leave to fate
You may get everything very late
You have no joy to enjoy or state
You may fail to locate the gate

You will be confined to prison
Even though without any reason
Only some unforeseen blessings may come to rescue
Otherwise you were not worthy to get that due

The world is perishable commodity
So body is also of not permanent durability
It may decay and perish in no time
You may have no time to cry sometimes

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