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Life is mini circus

Life is circus
Only be in radius
Though very vicious
But still stable and continuous

However for moment to stay
Very good and happy day
To be born as child again
Lost moment regained once again

Crowd of small kids and parents
Joy and happiness is right inherent
This is right place to enjoy
Tigers, leopards are not simple toys

Still to live together
Amidst fear but nothing to bother
All will be well as days pass
The life can be made of super class

There is no danger but only thrill
Body can be made like steel with drill
New lease of life supposed to fill
Any wrong idea not to remain still

A long way to go but to stick together
A fine show with sequences here and there
Dogs, animals and joker with same act
Make us to laugh with all known facts

Show is over but game not over
Life may go on for finding a cover
One may get in and other may depart
Inseparable and important part

We all love to live with complete change
Children and young manage with the age
We become sensible and others do not mind
Some may succeed and others may fail to find

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