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Claim True Beauty

It forced her to claim true beauty
Natural one that had come her from almighty
She banged gently her head with hand
“Oh, What I did after all to claim friends”?

It is true peace in mind
At last you will find
The color you choose may reflect
Your desire coupled with noble act

What is there to look so attractive?
Cosmetic application to strive
Hide the real one and claim outer shine
That may not look after all very fine

But what a magic in this ordinary get up?
All dull colors are down not to show up
Simple shine with no more forced smile
Invitation to go along and walk for mile

No words can really explain
All acts are woven in chain
What does she speak and for what?
No answer is ever expected or sought

No flowers can claim importance?
They come up in natural environment at once
Human eyes may stare at to seek peace
Wait for appropriate time to come and release

That is all we live for and mean
Head to rest on solder and lean
Leaving behind all the worries
And final resolve to move and carry

There is so much to speak for color
White may stand for peace and not war
No other color may suit shining face
As goal is achieved in meaningful race

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