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A closeness to feel

Did you ever try to know me?
have you ever sat under the tree?
Did you ever feel closeness of mother?
Were you close to mother or father?

Where does the love emanate from?
What is the origin and why do we feel so warm?
What is strength and closeness behind it?
We would love more and kindly treat

I never knew what it may prove like?
It never occurred to mind or strike
It was as usual and normal
Everything looked fine and formal

Its worth can be realized in its absence
That is strength and real essence
No one can replace it with anything
It has unique stand to offer something

Love can be known in any form
One must always try to remain inform
You should not try to weigh it in terms of kind
It has not been neglected even by the blind

The insects, creatures and birds also demonstrate
They remain together, show the closeness and cultivate
The bonding of ever lasting joy and happiness
They come together when crisis come on surface

We tend to forget the strength
It has same power and wave length
How can it be different in birds and animals?
Where as we are sensible and social animals?

Think it over and react strongly
It look bad and almost ugly
We need to understand it really
There has to be endorsement fully

If you really know the compassion?
You may really have kindness and passion
It is conquering of world with kind gesture
There lies beautiful world for our future

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