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The Calf and the Giraffe

Once upon a time was born a gentle brown-eyed calf

Who lived near a zoo and met a tall, wise giraffe.

The calf said to the tall, wise giraffe, “Come and run with me.”

The giraffe replied, “I can’t since I live within these walls you see.”

The confused brown-eyed calf asked, “Can’t they let you out.”

The giraffe smiled and asked, “Do you know what a zoo’s about? ”

The gentle calf said, “You did something wrong so you’re in jail.”

The wise giraffe laughed and explained that his was a happy tale.

He said, “For everyone who visits the zoo there’s so much joy I give.

As one day you’ll love your babies and teach them how to live.

So let’s enjoy every day and look forward to what’s in store.

Then both of us can give to others since that’s what life is for.”

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