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Russian travel program

Every now and then
there are Russians
travelling to foreign countries
standing in lines
at aeroplanes and vehicles
to on government command
take a return trip without cost:

In 1932 it was right through Siberia
into Mongolia
with excursions through the country side
to look at the wall of China.

In 1939 together with some German friends
they visited Poland
and the old town square in Warsaw,
looked at the armour
of the Teutonic knight Sigsmund II
and the cathedral of St. John.

In 1940 Finland got a turn
and many travellers
were left behind,
frozen solid
in the Finnish woods.

In 1944 right across the steps
with visits to
Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria,
Albania and Yugoslavia
past the rhine into Berlin
to let every German disappear
or maybe to make Russians out of them.

In 1956 Hungary was visited again
with a trip over the big Alföld plain,
excursions at the Danube
and visits to block of flats
after block of flats
in Budapest
until the people were in the streets.

In 1980 reconnaissance trips
through the mountains of Afghanistan
to try and rid the natives
of their ground.

In 1989 some citizens were selected
to scout Angola with Cuban friends
and to win the hearts
of some black women,
but it was very difficult
to try and discipline Afrikaners
and they themselves
were taught a costly lesson instead.

In 1992 Russia
wanted to stop all foreign tours
of the citizen class
to fit into the new world
and the roaming jackets and boots
are in the cupboards,
but visits to Tjetsnia are still occurring.

[Reference: Reisprogram by Johann Johl.]

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