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Badman's Song

Heard every word that was said that night
When the light of the world put the world to right

Well here's to the boys back in 628
Where an ear to the wall was a twist of fate

I will shine a blinding light
Through those hearts as black as night
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But as least the seeds of love will be sown

Now once in awhile when I feel no shame
I get down on my knees and I pray for rain
And though the breeze blows gently while I state my case
There'll be certain men waiting just to scratch my face
Hand on my heart I will make a stand
For the life and the times of the mirrorman

In my head there is a mirror
When I've been bad

song performed by Tears For Fears from Seeds Of LoveReport problemRelated quotes
Added by Lucian Velea
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