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Another Try

Another try, I give again, I started shy, my heart started to mend.

It all looked great, but I could tell, something was wrong, as she started leaving her shell.

I was as blind as could be, I had no clue, I did not see, that this experience would be new.

The tension grew, as we fought more, this is something I cannot do, as I showed him the door.

He said no, as I told him get out, things went bad, as he started to shout.

I didn't know, what he would do, I started to show it, as my fear grew.

He knew this, as I walked the other way, then he kissed me, and I let him stay.

He said sorry, I was having a bad day, I forgave him, without delay.

This was a grave mistake, I realize now, he was just a fake, but his anger was real.

Not long after, he started it, I was being abused, as he started to hit.

I was starting to fear, him and his ways, he took away my support, as it started to fade.

I was running out of options, stay or leave, either way, my heart was going to be cleaved.

I was ready to leave, as he came to me, he brought me roses, and I succumbed to see.

That the decision I made, was not the right one, I am afraid, if it is already done.

The choices I made, the things I have done, my heart is breaking, as I am down to one.

So whatever you do, whatever you say, when starting new, watch how quickly it can change your day.

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