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Who Is With The Bomb?

Where is it?
It is over here! !
Where is it?
It is over there! !
It has occured again and,
Who is with the bomb?
It is over here an there and,
Who is playing with the bomb?
It has destroyed many and,
It is still destroying us daily;
But, who is with the bomb?
Right from creation till now,
We have been destroying ourselves!
With bombs here and there;
But, when are we going to learn?
We do advance on in life but,
We still have the bombs in our hands;
Who really is with the bomb today? !
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb! ! !
With the atomic bombs alike to kill us all;
Now, the nuclear race is at hand.
Who is with the bomb?
With arsenals and nuclear war heads;
After two thousand years of history,
We still cannot learn from our mistakes.
Here and there with the manufacturing plants,
We still go to conferences thinking of stopping it;
But, should we have no fear of the Atomic Energy? !
A nuclear rat-race,
The arm-race of weapons!
Two thousand years of history could not be wiped away.

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