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Why Fight Terrorism?

No nation can try to be both
A haven to terrorists and
A heaven to its citizens!

Nations mustn’t use the terrorists
To fight a proxy war for them
With neighbors over all disputes!

‘Violence begets violence! ’ ’Tis told.
Mere wars can’t usher peace on earth;
Love of brethren must rule all hearts!

The terrorists whom you support
Could ruin your own country too!
Root out terrorism in truth!

Terrorists are mere insane men!
They’re distraught, dissatisfied ones,
Who kill ruthlessly and get killed!

The bomb-culture and abductions
Must be fought relentlessly to
Free the world for peaceful men!

Unite against the terrorists!
Religion shouldn’t slacken your move;
The right to life belongs to all!

All terrorists are keen to kill,
And are willing to die as well!
‘Make world free of terrorism! ’

Copyright by Dr John Celes 10-18-2009

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