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Hear The Children Crying.

I can hear their voices,
listen carefully you'll here them too,
be attentive, you can feel their pain,
but don't just sit there to observe their tears.

just move move your eyes here and there,
you'll hear them around the world,
move your eyes to middle east,
take them to Iraq and Afghanistan,

don't end up there,
go and have a rest in Africa,

If you have strength,
just go around and observe,

A Son of Somali land starving,
A Daughter of Sudan land dying,
Twelve years old girl of Congo raped,
Ooh! just their sound of pain.

I can feel what hurts most,
those they depend on, lean on,
are the Beast who turn on them,
What they care most is what they desire.

Their sound of pain,
is like a music in the Bar,
or a love whisper in the bed room.

Ooh please World,
hear them out, as politics won't,
console them, as they have been abandoned,
rescue them, as they have lost faith,
please, be humble to them, as they've fear hunting them.

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