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More Than Words Can Say...

Some writers like short poetry. Others don't.
Some will write long lines... Others won't...
Some like to embellish... Others can't...
Some write with relish... Others shan't...

In poetry, we explore the twists and turns of love.
The blessings here... and the burdens there.
Did we feel we'd reached the end of the theme?
Did we have more lines left unshared?
Did we sense that all was said?
If we forced ourselves to write a few more ideas, what then?
Would we abandon the initial lines along the way?

Writing starts with a wry-tingle... then a knowing within.
We reach for pen and paper or keyboard and computer.
We may begin with a title to spark us off...
We may have a pun in mind as a punchline...
Whatever gets us to begin is useful.

Whatever we create, success or failure, helps.
We learn as we go... Here a little, there a little.
We mature in our favourite themes...
We explore new horizons just for the sake of expression.
We may not conquer all poetry styles.
We may be completely average at first.
Falling in love helps writers become pilgrims.

The editing stages drag us all down to the depths of despair.
We plough through punctuation, clamber through commas.
We press on past exclamation marks towards the mountaintop.
There, we see things clearly. The view is outstanding!
It's there that we sense that we must share our vision!
From then on, we strive to pass on that exhileration!

Surely it isn't pearls before swine, we ask?
Surely the people will praise us for our poetry?
Surely we will be honoured by one and all?
No... but still the eternal flame of faith burns brightly!
No matter where we go, God knows us truly...

If we permit Him, He will inspire us totally!
Then, at the end, the blessing will be given:
A mighty blessing for the most dedicated and passionate souls.
Those that burnt out in the name of love.
Those that went the extra mile, by day, by night.
Those that fought fiercely against cutthroat criticisms.
Those that anointed others with the outpouring of grace.

For what is a writer? What is a poet?
We are only thinkers. Our sentiments are meant to amuse.
Our meditations are those of the common man.
Yet God will stir us up! Our pens will dance and spin.
Our hearts will beat the faster, simply because we seek truth.
And if we share wisdom, we will bless the wise.
And if we share folly, we will make the fools to laugh.

Yet if we share what God leads us to reveal...
Surely we will be worthy of His respect...
And more than this no man truly needs...
Except forgiveness, a measure of mercy, a portion of poetry...
That's all I would impart this day...
Food for thought... A feast to some, a taster for others...
A passing of another midnight hour for me...

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