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Last night I had a dream
That suddenly I felt inspired and compelled
To paint a brand new picture.
There I was with paints
Here, there and everywhere,
In a darkened room with this painting
Being created before my very eyes,
The beautiful mixture of shapes,
Forms and vivid colours.

The magnificent outcome was
Something wonderful to me.
Then I realised that next to other paintings
This was merely an average creation,
Nothing outstanding that would
Stand the test of time.
Just another artwork framed
And fixed to a wall, just there
Because I painted it,
Not for anything brilliant or first class
Or some masterpiece.

But when I go online
And search Ebay for artwork
Or visit comic art websites
Or the artists' websites,
Then I find I'm searching a treasure
That only I will know as treasure
When my eyes find it.
Only then will the artwork be special,
Because I'm the one
Who holds it most precious.

Of all the artwork I've ever done,
Only a few are most precious to me.
These will never match the world's finest.
So I take special delight in finding treasure,
Here a little, there a little.
Even if it's not as perfect as I'd like,
Maybe I can enhance the photo image
To a greater degree
Using graphic editor programs and special effects
Or adding spectacular art frames
Around the enhanced image.

I like artwork and fantasy art is spectacular.
That's why I created this website
With a click-a-pic slideshow display.
In full screen height and width
And the effect is stunning!


Denis Martindale, copyright, January 2011.

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