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Mr. Big Toe Magically Transforms

Mr. Big Toe” magically gets so big
he has magical powers, he never worked out in the gym.
Mr. Big Toe now has sweet memories,
memories of the Krendoll characters so sweet.
Mr. Big Toe can’t figure out why he feels so happy inside,
he now has a colorful outfit with a bigger tie,
Mr. Big Toe is so happy he has a new magical life.
Transformed Mr.Big Toe is what the neighbors think,
they see Mr. Big Toe so happy to be alive,
Mr. Big Toe is so happy for he can’t deny,
Mr. Big Toe gets so big, tears came to his eyes.
Mr. Big Toe gets bigger and bigger; but he makes it outside
Outside to see the sunshine, he is no longer inside.
Then it rains and makes a lot of mud,
Mr. Big Toe doesn’t mind if he gets stuck.
Stuck in the mud goes Big Gigantic Toe,
then his friend Mrs.Hamburger Helper Hand—
helps him because he understands…
how excited Big Toe is to get so Big…
big like the biggest Big Toe that had magically grown,
Magical like Pinocchio’s very Long nose.

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