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Black and white

If you see things in black and white,
You should know that it is not right,
First check to see that it's not night,
Then begin to question your sight,
You may find that you're colour blind,
There's nothing else that comes to mind,
Lest the blight's of another kind,
Ask your doctor what he can find,
If it's lasting you should despair,
For you will find things hard to bear,
As you'll meet dangers everywhere,
While often resorting to prayer,
You may steal someone else's eyes,
But to me that is quite unwise,
If a doctor can't supervise,
To stop you ruining the prize.
Teach yourself that what you espy,
Does not mean what it may imply,
Don't believe what's in your mind's eye,
For there's a chance it is a lie,
But do not take it as a rule,
Lest you should come off as a fool,
When you see a cat don't think ball,
Unless you're sick and think that's cool,
If my viewpoint still holds value,
I have one last idea for you,
It's beautifully simple it's true,
But it is ingenious too,
Try living with your eyes kept shut,
And learn to rely on your gut,
But walk with caution not a strut,
For you'll trip and get bruised and cut.

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